P a s s a r e l l i

Oil   " 2 if by Sea"     20"x20"                             Private Collection

Oil   "Pier 10"     18"x24"                                 Private Collection

Oil   "Morning Sea"   18"x 24"                         Private Collection

Oil   "Black Irises"     20"x20"

Oil   "La Chateau"  20"x 20"                              Private Collection

Oil  " Iron Reflection"   11"x14"

Oil   "Forest Mist"    11"x14"

Oil "OC Meadow"  20"x20"           


Oil  "Tobacco Road"   18"x24" 


Oil  "Mistified"   24"x36"                                


Oil   "AM Solace"  18"x24"         

Oil   "Iron Sun"  18"x24"    


Oil  "Tree Drops"  12"x30"                               Private Collection 


Oil  "Fire Sticks"  12"x30"                     


Contact the artist to inquire about the acquisition of any original
                           painting or artwork on this site.

       For details ... e-mail the artist for complete information.

Acrylic   "Grapes of Wrap"  18"x24"                    Artists Collection


Oil   "Hyams B"   18"x24"                                   Private Collection

Oil   "Gloria"    18"x24"                                         Artists Collection

Oil   "H Tree"   16"x20"                                      Private Collection
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